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At Gospel Light, we’re all about teaching God’s Word to children and youth. Our deepest passion is to create and publish the very best curriculum for use in your ministry. However, even the best curriculum won’t make a difference without trained, confident teachers.

The training sessions provided here can help make a huge difference in ministry for volunteers new and old.  We encourage you to view the topics, experience the training and share this website with all the volunteers at your church. Let us know of any area you need help with by sharing a comment using our contact page.

Training Topics

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Preteen Training

Donna Lucas, a pastor’s daughter at heart, left the world of big-budget fashion and world travel to serve Children’s Ministry leaders. Her passion for Jesus and the next generation are foundational to all she does. Her perspectives stem from a unique mix of business knowledge and a deep study Jesus’ leadership example. She’s a wife, a sports mom and the volunteer Children’s Ministry Coordinator at her church in Newbury Park, CA. She loves kids and is passionate about helping you be successful in drawing kids to Jesus and leading them in a growing, life-long relationship with Him.

Rachel Key, has served with her family for over thirty five years in ministry to children, youth, and adults in the areas of Christian education and Evangelical outreach. Rachel and her husband raised three biological children and four foster children. The Key family resides on the Escondido summit in the town of Acton in California.