Nursery | Baby Beginnings

Give Babies
a Foundation of God’s Love

Ages Newborn–36 months

Your nursery can provide more than just babysitting.

Babies can learn too!

Tap into the early development skills of babies and toddlers by communicating basic Bible truths through pictures and songs. Baby Beginnings® provides all the resources you need to create a faith-filled nursery that ministers to all the needs of babies and toddlers. This program also provides the training you need to recruit and develop quality helpers who will be blessed as they care for His little ones! It’s never too early to introduce children to Jesus!

With Gospel Light’s Baby Beginnings® you will

  • Build on a child’s natural curiosity to help them take their first steps toward Jesus.
  • Establish a foundation of trust between your church and parents.
  • Learn how to develop and easily recruit quality nursery helpers.
  • Engage infants and toddlers with age-appropriate visuals, and storytelling resources, and specialty music.
  • Have a 2-year program in a single box!
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What resources are available for Nursery Baby Beginnings?

Teacher Guides

The 2 easy-to-use guides each provide curriculum for 12 months! Both guides feature Bible learning themes, fun activity ideas, and simple conversation ideas to help teachers connect activities with key Bible truths.

Caregivers Love:

  • Parent’s Home Pages-2-years of parent newsletters to engage families in spiritually nurturing their little ones
  • Age appropriate activities for babies and young toddlers (0-18 months), and advanced toddlers (18-36 months)
  • 12 foundational monthly Bible themes:
    • September – I See God’s Love at Church
    • October – Jesus Loves Children
    • November – God Gives Me Food
    • December – Jesus Was a Baby
    • January – God Helps Me to Grow
    • February – My Family Loves Me
    • March – Jesus Loves Me
    • April – God Makes Growing Things
    • May – People at Church Help Me
    • June – God Cares for Me
    • July – God Made Me
    • August – God Gives Me Friends

Ages 0-18 months ISBN 978.0.8307.4496.1

Ages 18-36 months ISBN 978.0.8307.4669.1

I Love to Look! Bible Story Picture Cards

These 12 colorful cards (5.5″ x 8.5″) are the teacher’s best tool for helping babies and toddlers get the picture of each Bible story. Each card features the Bible story, a simple Bible verse, and a story-related play activity for toddlers and parents or caregivers to enjoy together.

ISBN 978.0.8307.4670.5

Nursery Posters

Each of the 12 monthly Bible themes is illustrated by 3 colorful posters—a Bible art poster, an illustrated teaching poster, and an engaging photo poster. The pack also features a special Christmas poster and a welcome poster. Use the posters to capture the attention of children and decorate your nursery at the same time. There are 38 posters in all—each sheet is 17″ x 22″.

ISBN 978.0.8307.4497.8

Nursery Smart Pages

Nursery Ministry Smart Pages provides answers to the most common questions raised in the operation of a church nursery—from safety information to ages and stages information, as well as new ideas for ways to communicate to and play with babies. Easy, no-fuss training for equipping workers produces a quality nursery program—and makes recruiting much easier more effective.

Includes a DVD with these extras:

  • Entire text of Nursery Smart Pages—makes it easy to email files to volunteers
  • Caregiver training video
  • Parent’s Home Pages-2-years of parent newsletters to engage families in spiritually nurturing their little ones

ISBN 978.0.8307.4498.5

I Love to Sing Music CD

This reproducible CD has over 40 songs—includes upbeat tunes for activity time and soothing songs for quiet time.

ISBN 978.0.8307.7158.5

Music Sample

Recommended Purchase

Nursery Baby Beginnings Kit
for Birth to 36 months

The Baby Beginnings Nursery Kit will equip and inspire leaders, caregivers, and parents to help little ones take first steps to learn about God.

Baby Beginnings is a 2-year program with monthly themes that are:

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Age-appropriate
  • Perfect for training confident volunteers
  • Relationship-building with young parents and their families

What’s in the kit:

  • 2 reproducible teacher’s guides with CD-ROMs (0-18 months and 18-36 months)
  • Nursery Smart Pages (with safety tips) to help you organize a quality nursery. DVD of training video and resource materials for volunteer training
  • Nursery Posters pack with 12 photo posters and 12 Bible story posters
  • 2 sets of I Love to Look! Bible story picture cards (12 cards per set)
  • Reproducible I Love to Sing! CD with 42 short, easy-to-sing songs (great gift for new parents!)

Scope & Sequence: Bible Passages: Genesis 1; 1 Samuel 18; Psalm 95; Matthew 6; Mark 10; Luke 2, 19; John 13, 21; 2 Timothy 1:5 Bible Stories: Creation, David, Jesus, Zacchaeus, Timothy

ISBN 978.0.8307.4674.3 • $139.99

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Additional kit items may be ordered separately.

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Before Gospel Light Preschool we never knew what to do with the boundless energy of our preschoolers. Now, with all of the great lessons and activities we are able to play our way to giving kids a first impression of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

—Barb Gunner, Columbus, OH