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Help Elementary Kids Find Jesus in Every Bible Story

Grades 1 & 2 | Ages 5-7

Every story in the Bible points to Jesus—each elementary lesson does too.

Most people make a decision to follow Jesus during their elementary years. That’s why we believe one of the most important things we can do is help elementary kids see Jesus in every story of the Bible and learn to trust Him in every area of their lives. Each week, whether you are sharing a Bible story from the Old or New Testament, Gospel Light Elementary Sunday School will show you how the Bible leads us to Jesus. Nothing is more important than a child’s relationship with Jesus!

With Gospel Light’s Elementary Sunday School Curriculum you will

  • Help children, parents, and leaders discover Jesus throughout the entire Bible.
  • Layer God’s truth into a child in a life-transforming way through engaging, easy-to-prepare lessons.
  • Be equipped to recruit and develop qualified teachers with weekly teacher-training tips.
  • Connect church and home using weekly take-home papers.
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What resources are available for Elementary Grades 1 & 2 Sunday School Curriculum?

Elementary Teacher Guide Grades 1 & 2

You’ll be able to create a great experience with this easy-to-follow 1-2-3 plan for connecting first and second graders with Jesus: Get Thinking, Get God’s Word, Get Talking. Every lesson hinges on a Big Idea—a clear statement of why the lesson will make a difference in kids’ lives. And every lesson has an Action Plan to focus on what kids can do to apply the lesson Big Idea to life! Every lesson has a clear, concise layout and downloadable lesson extras—game cards, patterns, pictures and more! Every lesson includes teacher training tips and a devotional.

Elementary Kid Talk Cards Grades 1 & 2

Kid Talk Cards are sized to fit in most kids’ Bibles and provide kid-tested Bible memory-builders for each lesson of Gospel Light’s Give Me Jesus Sunday School program.

Each card helps teachers review the Bible story and then take the next step: applying the Bible truth to everyday life. The Bible memory verse is included on each card and the object reminder referred to in the lesson is pictured to reinforce the Bible focus of each lesson. Activities on the cards have been designed for beginning readers and writers. Each pad contains enough Kid Talk Cards for 5 children for the quarter.


  • Full-color, heavy stock
  • Intriguing variety of activities
  • Bible story review—a discovery activity to help kids live out Bible truths
  • Bible memory verse
  • Object reminder of the week with its connection to Bible truth

Elementary Bible Teaching Poster Pack Grades 1-4

Bring teaching to life with these colorful 11″x17″ posters that catch the attention of children and help teachers tell the Bible stories. Lesson posters focus on a key action of the Bible story character and help children visualize the Bible times setting of the story. Posters are intended for Give Me Jesus! classroom format. Includes one 11″x17″ poster for each lesson.

Elementary Fridge Fun Grades 1-4

Encourage and equip parents to teach faith at home through fun activities and interesting discussions with their own kids! Fridge fun works with Elementary Grades 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 and comes in tear-off packs of 5 sets, so it’s easy to count and distribute.

Families LOVE Fridge Fun:

  • Easy, fun activities for kids and parents to do together
  • Bible verses to share, discuss, and memorize using goofy memory games and more!
  • Reinforces Bible learning
  • Easy to post on the fridge with a magnet as a weekly reminder
  • Ideas for weekly family fun

Get Going! Worship CD

Get Going! Worship CD contains all 6 songs for Gospel Light’s Give Me Jesus! Sunday School. All songs are reproducible so you can give each kid and family their own copy. The songs on the Get Going! Worship CD were written specifically to lead kids to worship and praise Jesus at church with their friends and at home with their families. The messages of each song will build faith as kids listen and sing along!

Get Going! Worship DVD

The Get Going! Worship DVD contains 6 music videos that match the Bible content of the Elementary Grades 1 & 2 and Grades 3 & 4 curriculum for years C and D of the Give Me Jesus! courses.

Teachers LOVE this DVD because:

  • The DVD is easy to use in a player or computer
  • Music videos with lyrics will get kids singing and moving while they learn Bible verses and truths!

Recommended Purchase

Elementary Quarterly Classroom Kit
for Grades 1 & 2

Teach a class of 10 or fewer? Then the Elementary Classroom Kit for grades 1 & 2 is for you! You’ll love the teaching materials for the class and a bonus page of fun family stuff (Family Fridge Fun) to take home each week! Full of fresh, engaging ways to help younger elementary kids understand Bible truth and apply it to their lives, right here, right now!

Look at these features:

  • Kit contains enough material for one teacher and 10 kids
  • Engages kids with fun activities that help them think and talk about the Bible
  • Kids will create and play while learning ways live out Bible truth
  • Bible Teaching Posters provide an awesome visual to discuss with every story
  • The Get Going! Worship CD (included) is reproducible—be the music hero! Make a copy for each kid—and yes, the CD IS reproducible!
  • And here’s what you get in the kit:

Teacher guide with Downloadable Lesson Extras

  • Family Fridge Fun Takes Home (2 packs of 5)
  • Kid Talk Cards student discussion guides (2 packs of 5)
  • Bible Teaching Poster Pack
  • Get Going! Worship CD—REPRODUCIBLE!

Also Available (Sold separately)

  • Get Going! Worship DVD (Year C & D)
  • Creative Clips DVD (Year A & B)

Elementary Kit grades 2 and 3

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With Gospel Light Sunday School, even our adults are learning to find Jesus throughout the Bible. We never thought a kid’s curriculum would have such an impact on our own faith. The kids love it because the teachers love it.

—Nancy Bergman, San Antonio, TX