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Preteen | The Edge

Lead Preteens in
Building an
Unshakeable Faith

Age Range/Grades 5 & 6, Ages 10–12

Help preteens live like Jesus, even in the face of peer pressure.

Preteens are more than just older elementary kids. Anyone who has worked with preteens knows they have unique spiritual needs and present unique teaching challenges.

Gospel Light Preteen Sunday School gives teachers the edge in meeting the challenge of teaching at this crucial time of life. The Edge is designed to help teachers develop meaningful mentoring relationships that will lead to a strong foundation of faith.

With Gospel Light’s Preteen Sunday School Curriculum you will

  • Help teachers and volunteers develop meaningful mentoring relationships with students leading to strong foundation of faith.
  • Help preteens discover what the Bible really says about popularity and success, failure, integrity, friendship and more.
  • Help preteens develop Bible study skills, grow in Christian maturity and respond by serving Jesus in the church and their community.
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What resources are available for Preteen Sunday School Curriculum?

Preteen Teacher Guide Grades 5 & 6

The Edge Preteen Teacher’s Guide gives you three topics that are covered in 4-5 sessions. Each topic has a Bible passage to memorize (some of the most memorable passages in Scripture) and dozens of ways to discuss, connect, and apply the truth of God’s Word to the daily lives of preteens!

Key features:

  • Engage preteens in fun and lively ways to think and talk about the Bible
  • Preteens create, act, play active games while learning ways live out biblical principles
  • Works best with Visual Edge Poster Pack, Sonic Edge CD, Edge Student Guides and Get the Edge Comics

Preteen Student Guide Grades 5 & 6

The preteen student guide is a great way for kids to be introduced to the day’s Bible study, to have fun acting out some aspect of the Bible story, puzzles and codes, lots of variety for great engagement!

Key Features:

  • Easy way to open up the discussion topic
  • Fun for kids
  • Turn your kids into dramatists—everyone loves the skits!

Preteen Visual Resource Grades 5 & 6

The Preteen Visual Resource posters are bright, provocative and engaging! They’ll get your preteens talking about the topic at hand the Bible content and the passages they are memorizing.

Here’s what teachers love about this poster pack:

  • BIG posters, 17”x22”
  • FUN posters with great art and information to spark kids’ minds
  • GAME poster can be used in many ways—see the Teacher Guide!

Preteen Get the Edge Comics Grades 5 & 6

Encourage and motivate parents to teach faith at home through fun activities and interesting discussions with their own kids!

Get the Edge Comics are more than a “fluff” take-home item. Preteens see what real kids might do in real-life situations, to follow Jesus. Sometimes silly, often pointed, each comic page also features Bible look-ups for the week that enable kids to verify the things they are learning!

Why these are so popular:

• Get the Edge Comics make great discussion starters for your classroom
• Kids take them home to complete the Bible study for the week
• Fun to read, they provoke kids to “do what it says” in God’s Word

Preteen Sonic Edge Music CD

This reproducible CD can be used in dozens of ways—send the song of the week to your kids, make a CD for each one, you decide!

Key features:

  • 12 songs, each with a distinctive style, lots of variety
  • Preteens can listen but don’t have to sing along!
  • Great for engaging preteens in discussion of Bible passages

Preteen Extra Edge DVD

Preteens (and their teachers!) will love the Extra Edge DVD because it features 12 Bible passage songs displayed in karaoke style with great visuals. This DVD also includes 12 entertaining skits that will make the Bible stories come alive.

Recommended Purchase

Preteen Quarterly Classroom Kit
for Grades 5 & 6

Kit Contents:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Guide (enough for 10 kids)
  • Get the Edge Comics (enough for 10 kids)
  • Visual Edge Poster Pack
  • Sonic Edge Music CD

Also Available (Sold separately)

  • Extra Edge DVD

Preteen Kit grades 5 and 6

Additional kit items may be ordered separately.

Still have questions?

We’re here to help! Talk to a friendly ministry consultant who will be happy to guide you through the program options. You can also teach a free lesson next week. Download a free sample or call us at 800.323.7543. It’s really that easy!

We knew that in order to have impact on preteens we needed to build relationships with them, but many of our teachers didn’t know where to begin. We chose the Gospel Light Preteen curriculum because it gives our teachers all of the tools they need to build life-changing relationships with preteens.

—Jim Stefflebeam, Minneapolis, MN