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Pre-K/Kindergarten | Sunday School

If You Can Play, You Can
Teach Preschoolers to
Love Jesus

Age Range/4 & 5, Pre-K/Kindergarten

Play with your preschoolers with a higher purpose!

Giggle and wiggle. Run and sing. This is the wonderful world of preschoolers.

So how do we teach these energetic little ones about Jesus? We let them play while they learn!

Kids will delight in the games, drama, art, music, storytelling and puppets as they learn about God’s Word and how to apply it to their daily lives. It’s as simple as Play. Listen. Talk.

With Gospel Light’s Pre-K / Kindergarten Sunday School you will

  • Delight kids with games, nature activities, art, music, stickers, storytelling and cool puppets as they learn about God’s Word.
  • Learn how easy it is to introduce kids to Jesus through creative play.
  • Spend less time preparing supplies so you can focus on investing in the lives of each and every child and family every week.
  • Connect the church and home through weekly take-home papers and God’s Story for Me Bible Storybook.

What resources are available for Pre-K / Kindergarten Sunday School?

Teacher Guide

If you can play, listen and talk, you can TEACH 4 and 5-year olds Bible truth! Fresh design and simplified lessons make every lesson easy to prepare and fun to teach! Works best with TalkTime Activity Pages for each child, Preschool Music CD and Visual Resource (storytelling figures and posters)—the easy answer is to buy the classroom kit!

Teacher Guide

Talktime Activity Pages

With the Pre-K / Kindergarten TalkTime Activity Pages kids will experience an interactive, colorful way to discover how God’s Word connects to their daily lives. Each activity is a two-page spread and sticker pages are easy-to-use, saving preparation time!

Visual Resources

The Preschool / Pre-K Visuals Resources contains all the posters and storytelling figures you need to enhance Bible storytelling and show preschoolers scenes from everyday life. Coordinating with the Fall B Teacher Guide for either Preschool or Pre-K/Kindergarten, the storytelling figures involve kids in the Bible story and can be used in many additional ways. Colorful, fun posters depict preschoolers in everyday situations of sharing, being kind and helping others. Game and activity posters are an easy way to call the group together for a quick game that introduces the next activity.

  • Teachers will appreciate the:
  • Bright, high quality paper
  • Engaging art and photographs
  • Bright activity posters that can be used in dozens of ways!

Family FunTime Take Home Papers

Send Family FunTime Pages home with every preschooler and kindergartener, every week! Here’s a fun and interactive way for parents to retell the Bible story and remember Bible verses. Gives parents words and ideas for asking good questions, having fun together and helping their kids grow in faith.

Here are some ideas:

  • Buy a set for each child in your class
  • Be the hero! Show parents ways how to use the pages
  • Use fun pages as a way to connect with new or absent families

Preschool Music CD’s

Nothing helps kids learn God’s Word faster than music! This 18-song CD is reproducible, so every child can have his/her own copy. Songs include Bible verse songs, life application songs, welcome and goodbye songs and more.

CD#1 for Year A • ISBN 978.0.8307.7136.3 • $24.99
CD#2 for Year B • UPC 6.07135.01601.4 • $24.99


QUACK! SQUEEK! Kids LOVE puppets and Daffodil the Duck and Skitter the Squirrel will work their way into the hearts and imagination of your kids! Every lesson has a puppet script and these puppets are a must-have for your program.

Buddy the Dog coordinates with Year A of the Preschool and Pre-K / Kindergarten programs.
ISBN 978.0.8307.6128.9 • $33.99

Daffodil the Duck coordinates with Year A of the Preschool and Pre-K / Kindergarten programs.
ISBN 978.0.8307.6129.6 • $33.99

Callie the Cat coordinates with Year B of the Preschool and Pre-K / Kindergarten programs.
UPC 6.07135.01642.7 • $33.99

Skitter the Squirrel coordinates with Year B of the Preschool and Pre-K / Kindergarten
UPC 6.07135.01643.4 • $33.99

Recommended Purchase

Pre-K / Kindergarten Classroom Kit
for Ages 4 & 5

Using our unique Play, Listen, Talk teaching method, you can teach young children Bible truth! With fresh designs and a simplified format, lessons are easy to prepare and fun to teach! With the classroom kit, you have all the materials you need to for one teacher and ten preschoolers—and send home a great resource to their families!

Kit Contents

  • Teacher Guide
  • Visual Resources for Bible Teaching
  • Preschool Music CDs
  • Family FunTime Pages (enough for 10 families)
  • TalkTime Activity Pages (enough for 10 kids)

Gospel Light Pre-K / Kindergarten Classroom Kit

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Additional kit items may be ordered separately.

The Pre-K / Kindergarten Classroom Kit, let’s see what you get

Still have questions?

We’re here to help! Talk to a friendly ministry consultant who will be happy to guide you through the program options. You can also teach a free lesson next week. Download a free sample or call us at 800.323.7543. It’s really that easy!

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Before Gospel Light Preschool we never knew what to do with the boundless energy of our preschoolers. Now, with all of the great lessons and activities we are able to play our way to giving kids a first impression of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

—Barb Gunner, Columbus, OH