Since its founding in 1933, by Dr. Henrietta Mears, Gospel Light has been a leader in the publishing of Sunday School Curriculum, Vacation Bible School, Bible Lessons and Church Ministry Resources that help church leaders fulfill the mission of the church “to know Christ and to make Him known.” The mission of Gospel Light is to provide His Church with effective Bible teaching and learning resources for use in making disciples, empowering them for godly living, equipping them for ministry and the evangelization of the world.

No one can predict the future world in which today’s children will be tomorrow’s leaders, for times change and society moves on. But the importance of Christian education remains the same. Something else also remains constant—Gospel Light’s commitment to Jesus Christ and to the continuing development of the best in Christian literature, Bible lessons and resources.

Today’s Christian education will have a dramatic effect on the churches of the next generation. The fact that the Sunday School has the potential to impact the lives of increasing numbers of individuals adds urgency to the challenge of the future.

Gospel Light can be counted on to provide resources that meet this challenge:

Sunday School Lessons that lead kids to Jesus. Providing Bible lessons, music, crafts, activities and games that are not only fun but help children apply the Bible stories to their daily lives. Gospel Light Sunday School Curriculum is easy for teachers so they can spend time on what matters most—building a relationship and layering God’s truth into a child’s life in a relevant way. Gospel Light Sunday School lessons provide churches with tools to connect the church and home so Bible lessons start on Sunday and continue all week long with timely emails, take-home papers and even a preschool Bible.

Vacation Bible School that presents Jesus every day. Since 1952 Gospel Light VBS has been used by thousands of churches, impacting the lives of more than 62 million children. Each year’s VBS theme contains engaging Bible stories, activities, crafts, games and music all designed to lead kids to Jesus.

Bible Lessons