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Lead Preteens in
Building an
Unshakeable Faith

Age Range/Grades 5 & 6, Ages 10–12

Help preteens live like Jesus, even in the face of peer pressure.

Preteens are more than just older elementary kids. Anyone who has worked with preteens knows they have unique spiritual needs and present unique teaching challenges. Gospel Light Preteen Sunday School gives teachers the edge in meeting the challenge of teaching at this crucial time of life. The Edge is designed to help teachers develop meaningful mentoring relationships that will lead to a strong foundation of faith.

Gospel Light Sunday School
Preteen Classroom Kit
for Grades 5 & 6

Preteen Kit grades 2 and 3

Kit Contents

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Guide (enough for 10 kids)
  • Get the Edge Comics (enough for 10 kids)
  • Visual Edge Poster Pack
  • Sonic Edge Music CD

Also Available

  • Extra Edge DVD

All items are also available separately.
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With Gospel Light’s Preteen Sunday School you will

  • Help teachers and volunteers develop meaningful mentoring relationships with students that will lead to a strong foundation of faith.
  • Help preteens discover what the Bible really says about popularity and success, failure, integrity, friendship and more.
  • Help preteens develop Bible study skills, grow in Christian maturity and respond by serving Jesus in the church and their community.
Edge Comics

Get the Edge Comics
Engaging tweens with fun lessons comics
that share God’s Word on every page.

Mentoring Tips
Mentoring tips are built right into the lesson each week to help teachers build relationships with preteens and develop a healthy self-image in Christ.

Teacher Guide

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We knew that in order to have impact on preteens we needed to build relationships with them, but many of our teachers didn’t know where to begin. We chose Gospel Light Preteen Sunday School because it gives our teachers all of the tools they need to build life-changing relationships with preteens.

—Jim Stefflebeam, Minneapolis, MN