Winning Spiritual Battles: High School Group Study

Temptations of our surrounding culture are a symptom of a deeper threat: spiritual attack. Equip their teens to stand firm against the enemy. Winning Spiritual Battles Uncommon High School Group Study, one of  the Uncommon series of group studies created by veteran youth minister Jim Burns, includes 12 session of interactive Bible study that will guide young people to root themselves in salvation, discover their identity in Christ, and pray God’s Word against spiritual attack.

Inside the book you'll find a special download link for additional reproducible student handouts and options for every session to tailor each study to your group's unique needs.
This book contains a printed web link for additional resource downloads. Since the printing of the book, the link has changed. Click the button below to download the free content that supplements this title.

Series: Uncommon Youth Bible Electives
February 12, 2016
Your codes for this and the "Living Out Jesus' Teachings" are not working. I just recently bought these two books to do with my teenager and cannot open the files. Could you please let me know how to go about getting the additional resources? Thank you so much for your help!
melissa v
December 05, 2015
unable to download. Could you send to
Sarah L (one last time)
October 07, 2015
I feel as though I can finally review the actual book now. I called customer support (super friendly btw) and they are not only going to fix the link on this page, but they are also going to e-mail me the content! Wonderful.
We've been using the bible study in my high school youth group for several weeks now (four or five weeks) and have made it through the first two lessons. The teens are engaged and interested, and our conversations continue long enough that we are taking 2-3 weeks to finish each lesson! I firmly believe all the teens in my group are already saved, so I thought for sure the first couple of lessons would be routine and boring for them, and we'd fly through. But they've actually been interested in diving a little deeper and talking more about salvation and what it really means to "be saved", etc.
So far I'm really enjoying this material. There is basically zero preparation needed (though there is a devotional for the leader, and I like to pre-read the lessons). No games to buy supplies for, no complex illustrations to figure out... so far I've had everything I needed to run a lesson right in the book. (Well, I DID pass out some scrap paper last week, so I needed that).

So far, I'm really pleased with the lesson material. I'd recommend it for sure!
Sarah L (again)
September 30, 2015
Thanks for putting up the link, but it links to the wrong materials! It provides me with "Spiritual Gifts", not "Winning Spiritual Battles"
September 06, 2015
Unable to get download.
Please send to
Sarah L
September 02, 2015
As with all the others, I also get the 404 Error. Very disappointing to see this issue has been ongoing for so long.
April 29, 2015
I'm having the same problem as the others, 404 error code. Can you please email me with the proper link?
Thank you,
Gail Pugh
February 26, 2015
I bought the book winning spiritual battles and it says in there to download the student handouts through this website. But when I try to go to the website it comes up with a 404 error code. I would like to start using this asap. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? You can email me at Thanks Gail Pugh
Jonathan Waters
February 23, 2015
Just now starting this with the kids at church, but when i try to go and download the content from the web, it gives me a 404 error and doesnt allow me to download it. Is the link just dead? or is it no longer available?

Please email me at

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