Uncommon Object Lessons and Discussion Starters

You already know that teens learn best when they talk with each other.. not when you talk at them. But how can you guide the conversation in the right direction so that the youth in your group discover the truth for themselves? Uncommon Object Lessons & Discussion Starters, created by veteran youth minister Jim Burns, brings together 90 field-tested tools for sparking dialog that will fire your students' passion for God and His Word. Those conversations will help them actively live out their faith - and turn every group meeting into a dynamic, relevant confab they can't wait to attend.

Each object lesson and discussion starter includes key verses and additional Scripture references to help you tie it in with your session or theme, and the handy topical index makes it easy to pick a suitable object lesson or discussion starter for your focus. Whether you're aiming for silly, thought-provoking or moving, you can hit just the right note in your next youth meeting, Sunday School class, retreat, staff meeting, parent night, camp, lock-in or outreach program. Give your students something to talk about and see what happens.

Includes CD-ROM with easy-to-print files of every lesson.

Series: Uncommon Youth Bible Electives
Daisy Sahadeo
February 23, 2015
Looking for an appropriate Curriculum that suites both Junior High School and High School for our Youth Night.
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