Uncommon Bible Study, Outlines & Messages

Fresh, meaningful messages for teens on a regular basis. A well of inspired and stimulating ideas, Jim Burns offers more than 20 ready-to-proclaim messages and 14 complete Bible studies that will have your imagination overflowing in no time. Your youth grow when you instill the Word of God within them. Now it's simple to enrich their lives, because each message and study outline is packed with biblical truth and though-provoking application. Topics include faith, anger, loneliness, forgiveness, self-image, God's calling, servanthood, temptation, suffering, and developing Christian character. The formats are easily adapted to youth meetings, Sunday School classes, retreats, staff meetings, parent nights, camps, lock-ins, outreach programs, and much more! No matter the situation, Uncommon Bible Study Outlines and Messages is ready for delivery.

Includes CD-ROM with each message and study outline as well as a Scripture reference index.

Series: Uncommon Youth Bible Electives

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