The Christian Life: Junior High Group Study

Who is God? Does He care what I do with my life? Does God really love me? These days many young people are confused about God. Help youth workers provide a solid foundation for young teens with The Christian Life junior high school study resource. Part of the exciting Uncommon youth resource line, this straightforward presentation of the Gospel first explores who God is - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - then guides students through their relationships with God. Students will learn that God loves them no matter what; Jesus Christ is the only way to have a relationship with God; and the Holy Spirit lights the way to God.

The three four-week modules examine one of the most critical parts of a young person's life, their faith. Lead students to discover that everyone is a sinner; how God's grace rescues us; and that we are to serve Him out of love and gratitude for His gift of grace.
This book contains a printed web link for additional resource downloads. Since the printing of the book, the link has changed. Click the button below to download the free content that supplements this title.

Series: Uncommon Youth Bible Electives
Bev in Ohio
April 18, 2015
My husband & I bought this book last summer for our jr high sunday school class. I was able to get the additional handouts on line at that time. I wanted to continue with lesson 5 and beyond, but I am NO longer able to get the additional downloadable resources. Very frustrating!
Janelle Bertsch
April 11, 2015
Purchased the book and cannot get the .zip address for the work sheets.
Error message overtime., says server isn't functioning.
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