The Christian Life: High School Group Study

Part of the Uncommon youth resource line, this straightforward presentation of the Gospel will help young people discover what it means to be a follower of Christ and how they can walk in God's love and forgiveness. The three four-week modules examine one of the most critical parts of a young person's life, their faith. Teens will discover the basics of the Christian life, starting with God's love, how to set a strong foundation and understanding God's will for their lives.

The Christian Life DVD is available for session starters.
This book contains a printed web link for additional resource downloads. Since the printing of the book, the link has changed. Click the button below to download the free content that supplements this title.

Series: Uncommon Youth Bible Electives
Natalie Shipley
September 07, 2015
Inside the book it says you can print hand outs to correspond with the book, but the link won't work. How can I get to these?
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