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When a child with special needs comes to your church, how can you help that child know Jesus and have a vital relationship with God? Jesus never requires anything but faith—but as Paul says, “How shall they hear?” Children with special needs may not fit into typical kids’ ministry programs, frustrating parents, children and teachers, too.
Joni and Friends wrote Special Needs Smart Pages, a comprehensive resource to help you reach out to kids with a variety of special needs. Learn how to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of disabled children, how to recruit and train leaders and teachers for a special needs ministry and how to help kids with special needs discover and use their unique gifts to serve God!

• Help in understanding autism spectrum, physical disabilities, speech/language impairment, emotional/behavioral disorders, developmental/cognitive impairment, learning disabilities
• Includes lessons for specially-tailored Bible stories, motivational teacher devotionals, planning information, training articles, tips and miniposters
• Includes a DVD of six inspiring kids with special needs who live for Jesus
• CD-ROM of entire book included
• If God is calling you to minister to kids with special needs, this book is for you!

Series: Smart Pages
Maureen wright
April 18, 2015
Is it possible to buy just the CD of the stories of 6 kids with special needs who know Jeus.
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