Preteen Teacher's Guide Grades 5 & 6 Summer A

The Edge Preteen Teacher’s Guide gives you three topics that are covered in 4-5 sessions. Each topic has a Bible passage to memorize (some of the most memorable passages in Scripture) and dozens of ways to discuss, connect, and apply the truth of God’s Word to the daily lives of preteens!

• Summer A Topics: God’s Family, Who God Is, Attitudes
• Engage preteens in fun and lively ways to think and talk about the Bible
• Preteens create, act, play active games while learning ways live out biblical principles
• Works best with Visual Edge Summer A Poster Pack, Sonic Edge CD #1, Edge Student Guides and Get the Edge Comics

Series: Preteen Bible Curriculum
Debra Sword
May 19, 2016
When would this item ship? Need by June2.
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