Preteen Classroom Kit Grades 5 & 6 Fall B

Keep preteens engaged! Designed to help teachers develop meaningful mentoring relationships with their students, these lessons lead preteens to a strong foundation of faith. Each unit is based on one of 24 key Bible passages. Kids develop Bible study skills, grow in Christian maturity and respond by serving Jesus in church and the community. 

Each Classroom Kit contains:
• Everything you need for one teacher and 10 students in one convenient box
• Teacher Guide
• Visual Edge Poster Pack
• Sonic Edge CD Year 2 
• 10 copies of The Edge student guides 
• 10 copies of Get the Edge Comics (Take Home Papers)

Scope & Sequence for Fall B:
Theme: Popularity and Success, Rules, Communication 
Bible Passages: Exodus; 1 Samuel; 1 Kings; Psalms; Matthew; Mark; Luke; James 
Bible Stories: God’s wisdom brings true success; God’s laws help us show love; good communication builds others up 
Core Worldview Question: With God’s wisdom and love as our basis, how can we obey His laws and live in His love as we relate to others? 

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Series: Preteen Bible Curriculum

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