Preschool Curriculum Music CD #1

Preschool Curriculum Music CD #1 coordinates with Gospel Light's Preschool and Pre-K/Kindergarten Sunday School program for Year A. The CD contains printable song sheets for each song and every song is fully reproducible—share with every family! Helps kids learn Bible verses and learn the concepts presented in the Year A Sunday School course. Songs include: 1. Come On In! 2. God Cares About You 3. A Little Bit More 4. What Are You Gonna Do? 5. God Loved Us 6. I Will Sing 7. Kind to Everyone 8. Jesus Is Alive! 9. Hear The Word 10. In a Very Big Way 11. Let Us Love 12. I Can Talk to God 13. Love Is 14. Wave Good-Bye 15. Are You Ready? 16. Sing Praises 17. In and Out Again 18. The Wiggle Song

Series: Preschool Bible Curriculum

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