Prayer and Worship: Junior High Group Study

Do your kids see the power and purpose in prayer—or is it something they endure until the "Amen"?
What is this "worship stuff" Christians do? Is it just a bunch of people wearing choir robes? Playing guitars? Singing?
Prayer and Worship Uncommon Junior High Group Study helps you answer teens' (possibly never-voiced!) questions in ways that make sense for their junior high lives: Help them understand how God answers prayer, what to do when He seems silent, why we keep on praying, hat is worship? how does it all work?

Through Scripture study, fun activities, stories and discussion, students will understand the "how and why" of prayer and —in ways that will help them make these two parts of loving God an integral part of their spiritual lives.
This book contains a printed web link for additional resource downloads. Since the printing of the book, the link has changed. Click the button below to download the free content that supplements this title.

Series: Uncommon Youth Bible Electives

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