Living Out Jesus' Teachings: High School Group Study

Most Christian teens want to follow Jesus wholeheartedly—but it’s not always obvious how to obey His teachings in their hyper-paced, tech-driven world. Now youth leaders can help students connect Jesus’ teachings with their everyday lives of school, family, activities and church, with the newest Uncommon Bible study. Youth-ministry veteran Jim Burns has developed Living Out Jesus’ Teachings Uncommon High School Group Study to equip leaders with the tools they need to start effective conversations and build supportive peer community. Using action-packed, fun activities and indispensable tips for guiding dialog, youth ministers will have their teens talking, thinking and praying in no time about how they can follow Jesus in their priorities, motives and decisions. Electronic files (in PDF format) of each session's reproducible student handouts are available for download.
This book contains a printed web link for additional resource downloads. Since the printing of the book, the link has changed. Click the button below to download the free content that supplements this title.

Series: Uncommon Youth Bible Electives
September 23, 2015
I am unable to download the group study guide that is mentioned. How is this done? I would really like to start using this for our Sunday school class.
July 25, 2015
How do I print from your pdf file for "Living out Jesus' teachings?"
May 26, 2015
Where can I download the PDFs mentioned in the book & here for Living Out Jesus’ Teachings?
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