Preschool Training

Giggle and wiggle. Run and sing. This is the wonderful world of preschoolers. So how do we teach these energetic little ones about Jesus? We let them play while they learn.

We recommend a simple, three-step teaching plan called Play, Listen, Talk. This simple plan keeps children involved in lively activities while they learn about God. With pure, simple Bible truths, children will come to accept Jesus as their lifelong Friend and Savior.

Who me? Teach Kids in Sunday School?

In this session you will learn the 3 key elements of teaching kids of any age.

If You Can Play, You Can Teach

This session explores the fundamental principal of Play, Listen, Talk for teaching preschoolers.

Teaching Preschool using Play, Listen, Talk

Preschoolers learn through active play. The Gospel Light method of Play, Listen, Talk emphasizes our three key teaching points. Susan shares why Play, Listen, Talk is such an important method to teach this precious age.

Teaching Demonstrations

Here’s an inside peek at a preschool classroom where the teachers are demonstrating many of the teaching methods that make Gospel Light preschool curriculum such a favorite.

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Extra Activities

Training Articles to Download

Please feel free to download these articles, written by the Gospel Light editorial team, to equip volunteers and seasoned teachers with a deeper understanding of the unique learning style of this age level. We believe that trained, confident volunteers will teach longer and your ministry will benefit from a stable, loving staff of teachers and helpers.