Jesus-Centered Ministry
Leader Training

In ministry today, many of us feel like we’re just getting by—we manage to get the basics done, but are we going forward week after week without knowing where we are going? We know we need a clear vision but often, we don’t know where to start.

In this 12-session series designed for Children’s Ministry leaders, Donna Lucas guides the participant to define their ministry vision and establish a plan for ministry and their volunteers.

Session 1
Why Do You Need a Jesus-Centered Ministry?

This session introduces the need for vision and direction in your ministry.

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Session 2
Be Relevant

What does it mean to be relevant in ministry? It’s more than just having a Smart Phone—it’s an interaction style.

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Session 3
Develop Your Volunteers

Develop them into what? This session will help you identify who has what it takes to become a leader.

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Session 4
Build Relationship

Explore ways to build relationships with kids who relate best to anything with a screen.

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Session 5
Start With a Plan

Picture this: What do you want your 5th and 6th graders to look like when you hand them over to your Youth leaders?
Do you know how to get them there?

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Session 6
Develop Urgency in Your Ministry

What is an urgent ministry? What does urgency do for you? This session explains why we may often leave urgency out of ministry and explores why it needs to come back.

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Session 7
Establishing your Vision

Focusing on Jesus’ leadership style, let’s begin the next level of discussion: How to communicate the vision you have effectively.

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Session 8
Evangelizing your Volunteers

Discover ways to communicate your vision so that volunteers can “catch it”!

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Session 9
Bring About Permanent Change

How do we take a leader from the point of being interested in our vision to the point of fully being “on board” and eager to be a part of God’s work?

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Session 10
Equip Them

Train and equip those around you often. We’ll explore kinds of training that work for busy volunteers.

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Session 11
Let Them Experience It

Set up your volunteers for success! Ways to help them experience the unique joy kids’ ministry brings each week.

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Session 12
Trust Them With a Piece of Ministry

How to give up control so that others can do what God has called them to do. (It’s not your volunteers’ problem—it’s yours!)