Disciplemakers | K.I.D.S. Church

Help Kids Experience God’s Love

Grades 1–6 | Ages 6–12

Help kids become powerful and effective disciples.

Bursting with high energy and exciting multimedia, K.I.D.S. Church (Kids In Divine Service) encourages kids to explore relating to God through prayer, His Word and worship. Watch them discover more about themselves as they see how they are made in God’s image and respond with thoughts and actions that please Jesus. Kids will be challenged to live out God’s purpose in their lives by living differently and becoming agents of change for a world that desperately needs Jesus.

Each Volume Contains

A REPRODUCIBLE Leader’s Guide with 13 large group lessons including energetic praise and worship time, solid Bible teaching, fun games, engaging object lessons, scripture memory verse activities, Today’s Life Story application time and more.

A REPRODUCIBLE God Encounters small group lesson manual including the Jesus Factor, relationship building and life application activities.

Leader Resource CDROM containing all 13 REPRODUCIBLE lessons and God Encounters, PowerPoint slides, planning tools, certificates and rewards.

Take Home Challenges CDROM that have REPRODUCIBLE pages for each child to take home that help them remember to live what they have learned.


Teach Life Principles
with Mixed Media

Praise music lyric videos and engaging Bible Connection videos are included with each Disciplemaker’s module.

Relating to God: Disciplemakers Volume 1

Disciplemakers Volume 1 Relating to God provides 13 lessons for large-group/ small-group exploring life through the eyes of Samuel, Saul, David, Moses and others.

Relating to God is divided into three units:

  • Unit 1: Prayer—Kids learn the basics of how we talk and listen to God based on the pattern Jesus gave us in the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Unit 2: The Word—Kids explore how Moses followed God’s instructions and discover why reading and following the Bible is essential.
  • Unit 3: Worship—Kids will see the importance of worshipping God by exploring the examples of David, Elijah and Jesus.

978-0-8307-4319-3 • $179.99 USD

Knowing Myself: Disciplemakers Volume 2

Disciplemakers Volume 2 knowing Myself provides 13 lessons for large-group/ small-group discovering how Elijah & Jesus’ parables show how God cares for us and more.

Knowing Myself is divided into three units:

  • Unit 1: Who Am I?—Kids learn how a loving God made them, can save them and promises to always be with them.
  • Unit 2: Thinking and Doing—Kids experience how their positive attitudes and faithful actions can bring glory to God.
  • Unit 3: Moving Toward Maturity—Kids explore the qualities of being devoted, being faithful in hard times and taking a stand for God.

978-0-8307-4332-2-3 • $179.99 USD

Loving the World: Disciplemakers Volume 3

Disciplemakers Volume 3 Loving the World provides 13 lessons for large-group/ small-group exploring compassionate service, missions and outreach to the lost.

Loving the World is divided into three units:

  • Unit 1: Service—Kids explore how they are designed to serve, why they need to serve others, and how to serve others with the right heart.
  • Unit 2: Evangelism—Kids learn how they can live out the Great Commission through their words and actions.
  • Unit 3: Missions—Kids explore what it means to take the power of God and the love of Jesus to those who don’t know God.

978-0-8307-4337-7 • $179.99 USD

Living My Purpose: Disciplemakers Volume 4

Disciplemakers Volume 4 Living My Purpose provides 13 lessons for large-group/ small-group where kids learn what it means to faithfully live in the world.

Living My Purpose is divided into three units:

  • Unit 1: In the World—Kids explore what it means to faithfully live in the world while not being attracted to the world.
  • Unit 2: Above the World— Kids will see that because we serve God and not people, we are called to live to a higher standard.
  • Unit 3: For the World—Kids will see what it takes to make the world a better place by following Jesus.

978-0-8307-4342-1 • $179.99 USD

With K.I.D.S. Church, our kids are not only engaged, but they leave each week with a life-changing Biblical principle that they can apply at home, at school and even with their friends. Each week our small group leaders
can’t wait to share what God is doing in the lives of our kids because of what they learned at church.

—Carlos Martinez, Arroyo Grande, CA