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Gospel Light Home Discussion Guides

Connect Church to Home
By Bringing Parents Into the Circle of Learning

We are now providing an enhancement to ALL ages of Gospel Light Sunday School that is absolutely FREE.

Each quarter, download 13 weeks of at-home discussion guides (PDF) to help engage families with their child’s Gospel Light Sunday school lesson.

The quarterly download package has guides for every week for each age group. Preschool/Pre-K, Elementary and Preteen. We’ve even included nursery guides if you are using Gospel Light Nursery Baby Beginnings at your church.

You decide how you wish to deliver these sheets to parents:

  • Print each week and send home with students on Sunday.
  • Empower teachers to send them to parents every week to deepen the parent-teacher connection.
  • Email with a newsletter each Sunday night or Monday morning to parents with a parent-church connection message.

Whichever method you choose, parents will appreciate having these helpful discussion starters to use each week to bring home the biblical truths their children just learned the prior Sunday.

2018-2019 Downloads


Download the guides package and open on your PC or Mac computer.
iPhone or iPad users, choose to open in Files first before accessing the PDF guides.