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The Gospel Light Yearly Cycle

Non-Dated Curriculum–What Does This Mean?

Gospel Light curriculum is non-dated, thus allowing your church to recycle teacher guides and visuals. For instance, if you purchase Preschool Year A materials, the next time Year A comes up, simply purchase new student activity pages and take home pages. Safely store the teacher guide and visuals to reuse the next time Year A comes around (as shown in the chart below). For many churches this represents a significant cost savings.

All Gospel Light curriculum is identified by the year (A, B, C, D) and quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).

The following chart shows the recommended quarterly rotation for Gospel Light curriculum. Please be aware that for best results, every church should stay on-track with this recommended cycle. If your church decides to teach Gospel Light curriculum outside of the recommended cycle, sufficient quantities cannot be guaranteed in our warehouse or at one of our trusted reseller partners.