Sunday School Fall

Sunday School Curriculum for Fall

Fall Sunday School curriculum and lessons that connect with your kids’ unique learning styles

Have the best tools available—lessons that get you excited lessons that are Bible-based, Jesus-centered and child-focused. Teach kids the Bible in age-appropriate ways, using helps that make YOU an even better teacher! The teacher is the most critical part of EVERY lesson. 
Baby Beginnings Kit
Equip and inspire leaders, caregivers, and parents to help little ones take first steps. Baby Beginnings is a two-year program with monthly themes that is
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Perfect for training volunteers
  • Build relationships with young parents and their families
Baby Beginnings
Preschool Kit
Fresh design, simplified format make lessons easy to prepare and fun to teach! All the materials needed to teach up to 10 preschoolers — and send home a great resource to families!
  • Creative activities from easy-to-get supplies
  • Games and activities for imaginative learning
  • Fun, age-appropriate ways to engage preschoolers

Preschool              PreK/Kindergarten

Elementary Kit
Materials for a class of up to 10 kids, with a bonus take home page of fun weekly activities for families! Full of fresh, engaging ways to help elementary kids understand Bible truth and apply it to their lives, right here, right now!
  • Engage kids in fun activities
  • Kids create and play games while learning
  • Internactive discussion-points in every story
  • Get Going! Worship CD with reproducible materials


Preteen Kit
Discuss, connect, and apply the truth of God's Word to the daily lives of preteens!
  • Engage in fun and lively ways to think and talk about the Bible
  • Create, act, read comics and play active games as part of learning ways live out biblical principles