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Listening Heart

Today we are bombarded with a cacophony of communication—words blaring from pages, screens, and airwaves. Words telling us how to eat, dress, worry less, spend money, and relax. Even loud words on godly living. Yet where is God in all the noise? Hearing has become dulled, while hearts long for more. Judy Gordon Morrow discovered that “more” when in desperation she knelt daily before God, seeking Him and His help. The ink-filled spiral notebooks of God’s responses through the years have resulted in The Listening Heart. The daily devotionals resonate with God’s love and care, offering encouragement, hope, and “more”— a rich, personal closeness with God that readers will welcome for their own lives. Preview sample devotions.  

Judy Gordon Morrow
is a lifelong lover of words and has published poetry, articles, song lyrics, and devotionals. Her first book dealt with pregnancy loss, followed by nine gift books. In her prior “word-lover jobs,” she served as a school librarian, newspaper copy editor, and nonfiction editor at Multnomah Publishers. She speaks at events for women and writers, sharing her passion for the Word and words. Judy has three adult sons and three granddaughters and lives in a charming mountain community where she savors small-town living.

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