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Christian China and the Light of the World

The rapidly expanding economic power of the most populous nation on earth puts China front and center in any discussion about the future of the globe. But is there more to China’s story than money? Christians in North America have many questions about the People’s Republic of China and what is rumored to be a Christian movement numbering in the tens of millions. Christian China and the Light of the World is the essential guidebook for North American Christians to understand and pray for their sisters and brothers in China’s cities. Readers will find not only facts and data, but also true accounts of Chinese believers’ great exploits as they follow the Holy Spirit into the future. Rev. Dr. David Wang is Founder and General Director of Hosanna Foundation and President Emeritus of Asian Outreach. After 47 years as a missionary, David is one of the foremost experts on the Church in the People's Republic of China and is a much sought-after speaker at international missions conferences David is the coauthor of Still Red and The Coming Influence of China. He has also published more than 20 titles in Chinese. Georgina Sam was born and raised in Canada to Chinese immigrants. She currently lives in Hong Kong. In addition to Christian China and the Light of the World, Georgina is the coauthor of Still Red and Generations. Her writing has also been published online at the Still Red Blog and

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