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From Hectic to Healthy

From the outside, Craig Jutila appeared to have the ultimate success in ministry—but at home, it was another story. The principles in From Hectic to Healthy, which will become every leader’s guide to work-life balance, are the hard-won result of Craig’s brush with total burnout. Many pastors and other leaders buy the lie that they are just “in a busy season,” rather than living a hectic, unsustainable way of life that will lead eventually to burnout. But it’s never too late to move from hectic to healthy! Using Craig and Mary’s easy-to-remember acrostics, readers will identify the roots of their busyness, or SPIN, learn to STOP, then set a healthy PACE and continue to WALK.

Craig Jutila served most recently at Saddleback Church for 13 years and was voted by Group magazine as a Pioneer of the Decade for his work in children’s ministry and as one of the top-20 influencers of the last 20 years. Mary Jutila has been in public education for nearly 20 years, teaching, administrating and writing curriculum. Craig and Mary co-founded Orphan Impact International, a non-profit company that helps loving parents offset the cost of adopting children internationally and that provides care for orphans around the world.

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