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People of the Bible Uncensored
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People of the Bible Uncensored

For millennia, the stories of the Patriarchs, along with several women, have been told from generation to generation in the Jewish community, shaping how God’s chosen people understand their relationship with Him. In People of the Bible Uncensored, modern Christians can get to know these legendary characters and the God who worked in and through them. Readers will be introduced to David, who wrestled with sexual temptation, and Abraham, who found it just as difficult to wait on God’s timing as Christians sometimes do today. As they begin to see the ancients for who they really were—readers will be encouraged and challenged to trust the God who can accomplish extraordinary things through the unlikeliest of people.

Dr. David Stoop is the founder and director of the Center for Family Therapy. He is the author of more than 25 books, including Forgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves. David and his wife Jan have co-authored books and lead worldwide seminars and retreats on topics such as maritcal relationships, parenting, men's issues, fathering and forgiveness. They have three sons and five wonderful grandchildren. 

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    I found this book to be thought provoking and interesting. I love a book that brings to life the people of the bible. Too often we have a tendency to view these people as just characters in a long ago created story. We seem to forget that this is the lineage from which we come - our spiritual heritage - our connection with the past. I often think that if more Christians viewed bible "characters" as family members they may be more apt to learn from their mistakes and take pride in their accomplishments in kingdom work. I also believe we would strive more toward a Christ-like image if we did so. Dr. Stoop has done a superb job of bringing to life these people and really showing how very much we have in common with these people of ancient times. There is so much hidden in the pages of scripture that so quickly gets over looked. In this book the author exposes the very likeness that will drive us to re-examine our own lives, thoughts, motivations, actions in accordance with scripture for the purpose of becoming more Christ-Like. I highly recommend this book to any one interested in a good character study that will push you out of your comfort zone while driving you to become a better person. I received this book as a review copy from the publisher.