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Greatest Coach Ever
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Greatest Coach Ever, The

 Now, in The Greatest Coach Ever, 30-plus athletes, coaches and other popular sports figures reflect on his genius and share how they have been challenged and changed by the insights of Coach Wooden. Each reading, from such invited contributors as Tony Dungy, Tom Osborne, David Robinson, Bobby Bowden, Jim Tressel, Andy Pettitte, Mike Singletary and others, includes a reflection on a particular Wooden quote, a verse from Scripture, a challenge to apply Wooden’s wisdom to the reader’s life and a short prayer. The last chapter is from Les Steckel, president of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and former NFL coach. Les reflects on Wooden as a model for all those in sports, not least because John Wooden has always pointed to Jesus as The Greatest Coach Ever. Athletes, coaches and sports fans will find motivation and encouragement to compete, work and live wisely as they seek to win. 

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