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Beauty of Aging, The

Growing Older with Grace, Gratitude and Grit So what if you're getting older? It beats the alternative, doesn't it? Karen O'Connor thinks so! With down-to-earth wisdom and a good dose of hilarity, she invites you to embrace the second half of life with grace, gratitude and grit. Sure there are downsides to getting older the gray hair, the creaky knees, the thickening waistlines and the blessings and burdens of the empty nest. But there are plenty of opportunities to make your upcoming years the best part of life! Karen explores seven areas of getting older: Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, Fitness, Food and Fun. Her stories are nostalgic, side-splittingly funny and deeply vulnerable. You'll be encouraged you as you learn to make the most of the aging process, and learn how to age in a way that is both balanced and beautiful!

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