Pre-K/Kindergarten | Sunday School

If You Can Play, You Can
Teach Preschoolers to
Love Jesus

Age Range/4 & 5, Pre-K/Kindergarten

Play with your preschoolers with a higher purpose!

Giggle and wiggle. Run and sing. This is the wonderful world of preschoolers. So how do we teach these energetic little ones about Jesus? We let them play while they learn. Kids will delight in the games, drama, art, music, storytelling and puppets as they learn about God’s Word and how to apply it to their daily lives. It’s as simple as Play. Listen. Talk.

Gospel Light Sunday School
Preschool Classroom Kit
for Ages 4 & 5

Kit Contents

  • Teacher Guide
  • Visual Resources for Bible Teaching
  • Preschool Music CDs
  • Family FunTime Pages (enough for 10 families)
  • TalkTime Activity Pages (enough for 10 kids)

All items are also available separately.
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Play. Listen. Talk.
Lesson planning helps teachers leverage the God-given playfulness of preschoolers to teach God’s Word. Play your way to learning about God’s Word.

Teacher Guide

With Gospel Light’s Preschool Sunday School you will

  • Delight kids with games, nature activities, art, music, stickers, storytelling and cool puppets as they learn about God’s Word.
  • Learn how easy it is to introduce kids to Jesus through creative play.
  • Spend less time preparing supplies so you can focus on investing in the lives of each and every child and family every week.
  • Connect the church and home through weekly take-home papers and God’s Story for Me Bible Storybook.
  • Have everything you need for 10 kids and one teacher.

Reinforce Each Lesson

Talktime Activity pages

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Before Gospel Light Preschool we never knew what to do with the boundless energy of our preschoolers. Now, with all of the great lessons and activities we are able to play our way to giving kids a first impression of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

—Barb Gunner, Columbus, OH