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Multi-Ages | KidsTime™

Give Kids the Big
Picture of
God's Love

Age Range/Grades 1–6, Multi-Age, Ages 6–12

Don’t let limited volunteers be an
obstacle to life-changing ministry.

Designed for limited staff and broad age ranges, KidsTime™ is a versatile solution for any size church or any size group. KidsTime™ is fully REPRODUCIBLE and jammed with creative ways to present Bible stories including crafts, games, activities, discussion questions, Scripture memory verses, posters, music videos and a music CD. Limited staff and resources doesn’t have to mean limited impact!

Mentoring Tips
Flexible, center-based or classroom options.
Everything you need for any size group of kids or volunteers.

With Gospel Light’s KidsTime™
you will

  • Solve the challenges of limited staff and limited resources.
  • Discover a versatile, volunteer-friendly format with REPRODUCIBLE resources that meets the needs of any size group
    and any size church.
  • Engage kids with creative Bible storytelling ideas, crafts, music and activities tailored to the needs of a multi-age group.
  • Have 2 themes to focus on God’s Big Story and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit to choose from for your multi-age groups.
  • Have everything you need for one year in both unique programs.

Speak to Their Hearts
Easy to follow along music videos help kids stay focused.

Gospel Light’s KidsTime™
God’s Big Picture

Perfect for Elementary Children’s Church

Full Year Program In One Box!

God’s Big Picture takes you and your kids through a majestic gallery of the major characters and themes of God’s Word! Its chronological approach will give your students an understanding of the Bible as a picture of God’s plan and purposes. 52 fun-filled lessons are designed to get children aged 6-12 excited about the wonderful way God has revealed Himself to us. Your kids “draw through the Bible” by making simple sketches from letters and numbers. It’s fun, and kids really understand and remember what they learn!

978-0-8307-2345-4 • $139.99 USD
All items available for purchase separately.

We switched to this program and everybody loved it. The kids were learning, and the parents were pleased. . . This curriculum works well for Sunday morning or a mid-week service. Can’t say enough good things about it.

—M. Foley