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Help Elementary Kids
Find Jesus in Every
Bible Story

Age Range/Grades 1 & 2

Elementary Kids

Every story in the Bible points to Jesus;
so should your Sunday School.

Most people make a decision to follow Jesus during their elementary years. That’s why we believe one of the most important things we can do is help elementary kids see Jesus in every story of the Bible and learn to trust Him in every area of their lives. Each week, whether you are sharing a Bible story from the Old or New Testament, Elementary Sunday School will show you how all of the Bible leads us to Jesus. Because nothing is more important than a child’s relationship with Jesus.

Gospel Light Sunday School
Elementary Classroom Kit
for Grades 1 & 2

Elementary Kit grades 2 and 3

Kit Contents

  • Teacher Guide with REPRODUCIBLE CD-ROM
  • Family Fridge Fun (Two 5-packs – enough for 10 families)
  • Kid Talk Cards (Two 5-packs – enough for 10 kids)
  • Poster Pack with 14 Posters
  • Get Going! Worship CD

Also Available

  • Creative Clips DVD (Year A & B)  
  • Get Going! Worship DVD (Year C & D)

All items are also available separately.
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With Gospel Light’s Elementary Sunday School you will

  • Help children, parents and leaders discover Jesus throughout the entire Bible.
  • Layer God’s truth into a child in a life-transforming way through fun and engaging, easy-to-prepare lessons and activities.
  • Recruit and develop qualified teachers with weekly teacher-training tips.
  • Connect church and home through included take-home papers.
  • Have everything you need for 10 kids Grades 1 & 2 and one teacher.
Talktime Cards


Connecting You to Jesus
Every elementary lesson features a special section clearly explaining how the Bible story connects to Jesus for the teacher and child. That’s the Jesus Connection!

Teacher Guide

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With Gospel Light Sunday School, even our adults are learning to find Jesus throughout the Bible. We never thought a kid’s curriculum would have such an impact on our own faith. The kids love it because the teachers love it.

—Nancy Bergman, San Antonio, TX